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Middle East Information, New Media and Technology

Al Bawaba, through its network of sites, combines the most substantive content licensing system in the Arab World with a unique and growing news community, cutting edge technology and first rate journalism. Our audience is growing at a rapid pace, as are the distinguished list of clients who recognize the value of the services we offer. Founded in 2000, Al Bawaba is considered one of the oldest and most pioneering online media websites in the Middle East and North Africa region, having built on many successes throughout a time period spanning more than a decade.

The Al Bawaba network consists of several web portals and media platforms, namely the flagship ( site, Sharekna ( ), Al Bawaba Music (, Al Bawaba Blogs ( and Syndigate ( .


Al Bawaba offers clients a wide range of promotional opportunities through advertising on highly popular websites, direct mail, media relations, and promotional campaigns. Several factors make the advertising services we can offer just that little bit different.

The fact that we operate several of the most popular websites in the Arab world definitely helps – it means we can tailor exposure to teenagers, housewives, businessmen, or the more cerebral types, on a very large scale.

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Al Bawaba is the largest independent producer and distributor of content in the Middle East.

Al Bawaba News prides itself on providing first-rate coverage of the Middle East from a local perspective.  Al Bawaba has a full-time staff of journalists and editors covering the Middle East and North Africa region’s events and news. We invest heavily in employing the best journalists, researchers, editors and developers, and aspire to the highest international standards.

Al Bawaba provides its own content to many customers and aggregators. In addition to the standard Al Bawaba feeds that are available, Al Bawaba provides bespoke content services to many customers. Old and existing clients include Panasonic, Health Canada, Dubai e-Government, MBC, Pepsi and many more.

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Al Bawaba operates several of the top websites in the Middle East and the Arab world:

Al Bawaba

Al Bawaba, our flagship product, provides one of the most distinctive content offerings in the Middle East. Combining syndicated and freelance contributions in politics, business, entertainment, sports, satire and much, much more the site represents the largest resource for aggregated local content – in English and Arabic – within the MENA region.

The days of the internet portal are long gone. Our aim to become a community, built upon knowledge, entertainment and fun. That’s why the site is working with local bloggers, encouraging user-generated content, and building a community across social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Breaking news stories, photo-journalism, not to mention the latest videos and music combine to provide a depth, breath and focus that traditional media struggles to provide, but which our users have come to expect.

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Al Bawaba Blogs

Al Bawaba Blogs offers a reliable, easy-to-use, and free service so writers and anyone with something on their mind can start their blog immediately and broadcast themselves and their views to the world.

Our philosophy is “less clutter, more creativity.” For this reason Al Bawaba Blogs offers more than just a blog to publish text. Members can store pictures, videos, audio files and blog all in the same place!

Not only do we offer 100 MB of FREE storage space to make it easier for our members to share their files, we also offer a complete suite of organizational and editorial tools that allows for a seamless and pain-free experience.

Notable blogs and posts do get published in the appropriate channels on Al Bawaba’s flagship site.

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Al Bawaba Music

Our music was developed in 2005 in cooperation with Melody TV, the largest and most popular bouquet music channels in the region. Our music site allows users to listen and watch songs and music videos, create and organize playlists, rate songs and videos and much more. Al Bawaba Music also allows for the purchase and download of not only audio and video files, but also mobile ringtones, wallpapers, mobile videos and more. Not only is Al Bawaba music a very engaging experience for the end-user, it also offers a commercial aspect for all artists and publishers who wish to use it as a platform for their sales and marketing efforts.

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Sharekna is an Arabic-English online photo and video management service. It is a FREE, easy, and fun way to share pictures and videos with friends, family and the rest of the world.

Sharekna allows you to upload photo and videos, organize them using tags and categories, and then share them with others. Additionally, it allows you to watch what others have uploaded and fully engage with their content as well as their own.

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SyndiGate Content is a digital content syndication service provided by Al Bawaba Middle East Limited and SyndiGate FZ-LLC. SyndiGate licenses multi-lingual content in electronic format from 1,100+ publishers and creators of text, photo, video, music, games and mobile applications. The content is packaged and syndicated to a broad range of global customers.

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