February 03, 2019 - 11:52 GMT
As Egyptians are remembering the anniversary of their 2011 revolution now for the eighth year, they were more attentive to shed lights and honor the victims who lost their lives for the revolution.
Cairo, Egypt (Twitter)
February 03, 2019 - 11:20 GMT
Egyptian opponents have launched an online campaign to reject proposed amendments to the country's constitution.
Egyptian Parliament (Twitter)
February 03, 2019 - 08:33 GMT
More than a fifth of Egyptian MPs have backed a request seeking amendments to the country’s constitution.
The Egyptian Football Association logo
February 02, 2019 - 18:46 GMT
The Egyptian Football Association (EFA) has called for an urgent meeting with the Premier League clubs to discuss the ongoing saga...
Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody (Twitter)
February 02, 2019 - 10:24 GMT
He took rock fans by storm when he brought Freddie Mercury back to life with his portrayal of the iconic performer in Bohemian Rhapsody.
Shereen Reda remains the stunning ageless royal blonde (Source: shereenredaofficial - Instagram)
January 31, 2019 - 18:29 GMT
Egyptian Superstar, Shereen Reda, has once again gone viral on social media. Reda has gone rogue and went completely dark in a photoshoot shedding light on her other side.
Tons of sequels are being announced for Egyptian movies (Source: blueelephantmovie - Instagram)
January 31, 2019 - 18:14 GMT
Recently, the Egyptian cinema industry is coming back to life with a lot of interesting sequels being produced with big names in the casting. Here they are
Afrojack’s debut performance in Egypt is on February 15th (Source: egyptcalendar - Instagram)
January 31, 2019 - 17:44 GMT
2019 is about to get lit with lots of upcoming events to mark your calendar for including an Afrojack performance in Egypt.
Egyptian FM in Dead Sea meeting (Twitter)
January 31, 2019 - 13:59 GMT
A meeting of six Arab foreign ministers -- from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Egypt -- wrapped up Thursday in Jordan’s Dead Sea region.
After Rahaf al-Qunun could Atheism in the Middle East be a Passport to the West? (Twitter)
January 31, 2019 - 11:33 GMT
Ever since Rahaf al-Qunun was granted residency in Canada after running away from Saudi Arabia and declaring herself an atheist - the equivalent of an ‘apostate’ for many devout Muslims - the tonalities of religious observance in the region have been brought into question.
The International Monetary Fund's managing director Christine Lagarde said that Egypt has made substantial progress as evident in the success achieved in macroeconomic stabilisation. (AFP)
January 31, 2019 - 09:15 GMT
Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly says that recent statements by the IMF's managing director praising the state of Egypt's economy indicate that the country is on the right track with its ongoing economic reform programme.
Egypt’s total budget deficit declined to 3.6 percent of GDP in the first half of the 2018/2019 fiscal year. (Shutterstock)
January 31, 2019 - 09:12 GMT
Egypt achieved a primary budget surplus of EGP 21 billion, representing 0.4 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in July-December 2018, compared to a primary budget deficit of EGP 14 billion that constituted 0.3 percent of GDP a year earlier, according to an official report.
Top 5 songs that feature the name 'Layla'
January 30, 2019 - 18:04 GMT
Top 5 songs that feature the name 'Laila'. Sing it to a Layla near you.
Doaa El Sebaii participated in Star Academy years ago (Source: Discovered - Facebook)
January 30, 2019 - 17:56 GMT
Ever since the release of Ramy Malek’s Bohemian Rhapsody portraying Freddie Mercury, legendary Queen’s late Lead Singer, everyone has been hyped up over their music!
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi  (AFP)
January 30, 2019 - 11:03 GMT
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi stressed his country’s pride in its close ties with Russia, and said he was keen to continue strengthening them at various levels in the context of a strategic partnership.
The remittances are among the most important foreign exchange (FX) resources in Egypt. (Shutterstock)
January 30, 2019 - 09:20 GMT
The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) said that the remittances of Egyptian expatriates increased by $1.2bn to $23.3bn during the period from January to November 2018, compared to $22.1bn in the same period in 2017, a 5.7% growth.