Iraqi ambassador in Iran Rajih al-Moussawi goes to a polling station. (Twitter)
September 20, 2018 - 15:54 GMT
The Iraqi Foreign Ministry on Thursday recalled its ambassador to Iran, Rajih al-Moussawi, so that he might be investigated for alleged “irresponsible behavior”.
Barham Salih and his wife, during the May election. Salih has been nominated by the PUK to be the next president of Iraq. (AFP/File)
September 20, 2018 - 11:32 GMT
Veteran Kurdish leader Barham Salih has been nominated to be the president of Iraq.
Turkish soldiers are deployed on Mount Bersaya, north of the Syrian town of Azaz near the border with Turkey. (AFP Photo)
September 20, 2018 - 11:26 GMT
Turkish counter-terrorism forces have arrested the former head of ISIS’ military operations in Iraq’s Sinjar region, security sources said Tuesday.
The incident has come amid a spate of militant attacks [Twitter]
September 20, 2018 - 07:54 GMT
A bomb attack in Iraq's contested Kirkuk city has killed at least one person and wounded seven others on Wednesday evening.
MEK at Camp Ashraf (AFP/FILE)
September 19, 2018 - 12:56 GMT
The Iranian opposition group, the MEK have been radical student activists, guerrilla fighters, terrorists, a Saddamist milita, and a U.S. foreign policy tool. But are they a cult?
Iraq’s Kurdish Regional Government (Twitter)
September 19, 2018 - 10:52 GMT
U.S. diplomats and military officers on Wednesday met with officials of northern Iraq’s Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) to discuss ongoing efforts to form a new federal government in Baghdad.
Iraq national football team
September 18, 2018 - 22:37 GMT
Iraq have been named as the fourth and final country to participate in next month’s four-team international football tournament in Saudi...
Basra protests are still the talk of the hour for Iraqis nationwide. (AFP)
September 18, 2018 - 13:40 GMT
Basra protests are still the talk of the hour for Iraqis nationwide. Riots are clearly being echoed in the capital Baghdad. The recently-appointed parliament speaker Mohamed Al Halbusi arrived in Basra on Tuesday to attempt to end the standoff.
Newly-elected parliamentary speaker Mohammed Al-Halbusi (AFP Photo)
September 18, 2018 - 13:28 GMT
Newly-elected Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbusi arrived in Iraq’s southern city of Basra on Tuesday to meet with local officials.
The trade between Iran and its western neighbor Iraq has grown 30 percent during the first five months of the Iranian calendar year. (Shutterstock)
September 18, 2018 - 10:59 GMT
The trade between Iran and its western neighbor Iraq has grown 30 percent during the first five months of the Iranian calendar year (March 21- August 22, 2018), director of Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce Yahya Al-e Es’haq told Mehr news agency in an interview published on Monday.
Saudi's late king Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud (AFP/FILE)
September 18, 2018 - 10:51 GMT
The MEK got at least 3 tons of gold bars from Saudi Arabia and a share of Iraq's oil revenue under Saddam Hussein.
The current 4.5 million bpd would only increase to 5 million bpd over the next decade. (Shutterstock)
September 18, 2018 - 08:10 GMT
Growth in Iraqi oil production will be squeezed for the next decade despite the country being the second largest OPEC producer after Saudi Arabia and the fourth biggest in the world, according to a report by US consultancy IHS Markit.
A general view of the Iraqi Parliament during a meeting in Baghdad. (AFP/FILE)
September 16, 2018 - 07:50 GMT
Iraq's parliament on Saturday elected Sunni politician Mohammed al-Halbusi as assembly speaker after winning majority votes.
Bashar Resan (Photo: Tehran Times)
September 15, 2018 - 22:42 GMT
Iconic Iraqi midfielder Bashar Resan is reportedly a doubt for Persepolis’s match against Al Duhail of Qatar.
MEK leader Maryam Rajavi (AFP/FILE)
September 13, 2018 - 12:22 GMT
The MEK is one of the strangest groups in the world today. Considered a terrorist cult by many, it paid enough money to U.S. politicians they were the only hope for a free Iran. How?
A picture taken on September 3, 2018 shows a general view of the Iraqi parliament during a meeting in the capital Baghdad.(AFP/ File)
September 12, 2018 - 13:53 GMT
Sunni political blocs have failed to agree on a nominee for the post of speaker of Iraq’s newly-elected parliament, a lawmaker said Wednesday.