(AFP/ File Photo)
August 15, 2018 - 02:00 GMT
The Taliban militant group has overrun large parts of an army base in Afghanistan’s northern Province of Faryab and captured dozens of soldiers there, officials say.
Jeremy Corbyn takes part in a Labour Party leadership hustings event in Warrington. (AFP/ File)
August 14, 2018 - 22:00 GMT
Israel’s nation-state law discriminates against the country’s Palestinian minority, British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said Monday.
US President Donald Trump signing an executive order at the Pentagon.  (AFP Photo/Mandel Ngan)
August 14, 2018 - 18:00 GMT
President Donald Trump signed a $716 billion military authorization funding bill Monday while making no mention of Sen. John McCain, whom the bill was named after.
Libya, Sudan, Chad and Niger have signed cooperation agreement in order to secure their borders and comabt terrorists. (AFP)
August 14, 2018 - 15:19 GMT
Libya, Sudan, Chad and Niger signed on Friday a judicial cooperation agreement to secure their borders. They also agreed to set up an operations center in the Chadian capital N'Djamena to combat “terrorist groups”, smuggling and human trafficking.
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
August 14, 2018 - 15:14 GMT
Dozens are feared dead after a 650ft section of a highway bridge suddenly collapsed during a storm in Genoa, Italy.
August 14, 2018 - 14:41 GMT
South Koreans really, really do not want to take in a handful of Yemeni refugees.
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. (AFP/ File)
August 14, 2018 - 14:08 GMT
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, received on Monday a telephone call from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, reported the Saudi Press Agency.
Around 60 Iran-backed Houthis killed. (AFP/ File)
August 14, 2018 - 14:03 GMT
At least 60 Iran-backed Houthis were killed in the al-Durayhimi district near Yemen’s Hodeidah city, said Yemeni military sources on Monday.
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
August 14, 2018 - 13:56 GMT
Organizers in Senegal launched a campaign on social media Monday to support Turkey and its economy.
ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (AFP/File)
August 14, 2018 - 12:25 GMT
Conflicting reports have emerged in recent days over the fate of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi amid claims that he was “clinically dead.”
Police forensics officers outside the Houses of Parliament following an incident where a car crashed into barriers on Aug. 14, 2018. (AFP/ Photo)
August 14, 2018 - 12:20 GMT
Several pedestrians were injured when a car smashed into security barriers outside the House of Parliament in Westminster, British police confirmed Tuesday morning.
(AFP File Photo)
August 14, 2018 - 12:13 GMT
Egypt’s embattled Muslim Brotherhood group has called for fresh presidential election as a way-out of the country’s lingering political crisis.
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
August 14, 2018 - 11:53 GMT
Israeli forces have rounded up 16 Palestinians in raids carried out across the occupied West Bank, according to local residents on Tuesday.
Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, left, and Iran's President Hassan Rouhani. (AFP/ File)
August 14, 2018 - 11:44 GMT
Iran’s supreme leader on Monday accused President Hassan Rouhani’s government of mismanagement, after a string of angry public protests over the dire state of the economy.
A military official said dozens of Houthi militants had been killed or wounded. (AFP/ File photo)
August 14, 2018 - 11:32 GMT
The Yemeni army launched a surprise attack on Houthi militia positions in Taiz, Saudi state-news channel Al-Ekhbariya reported.
US and Isaf troops on the Pak-Afghan border. (AFP/ File Photo)
August 14, 2018 - 10:42 GMT
A US soldier has been killed after a roadside bomb went off close to his patrol in Afghanistan’s southern Province of Helmand.