Art Sawa to host the First Solo Photography Exhibition of the Artist Marwa Adel in Dubai

Art Sawa to host the First Solo Photography Exhibition of the Artist Marwa Adel in Dubai
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Published October 31st, 2010 - 11:41 GMT

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Marwa Adel

Art Sawa proudly showcases for the first time in the U.A.E, the solo photography exhibition of the works by the talented emerging Egyptian Artist Marwa Adel, titled Memory.

"The human body is a word surrounded by restrictions in our Middle Eastern societies. Why do people express such a fear from the body? How could we fear ourselves? Our bodies are the medium that links us to this world and reflects our souls. Every person takes pleasure in a memory that registers facts different from other people. These memories and dreams are revealed on our bodies through body language, expressions of serenity, sadness, happiness and other emotions towards occurring events or recalled facts. Through our body, we can modify our memories that are often stereotyped according to others experiences. We can also develop our memory and dreams through our human experience which represents a mean for excellence, authenticity and distinctiveness to arise. Consequently, every person develops a personal memory enriched by the unique human existence that mirrors on the body through which one can realize dreams. There is nothing impossible to achieve as long as the communication and interaction between the body and the memory are existent. In this solo exhibition, I am focusing on in this human situation that the human body aims to be liberated from, and the interaction between the body and the memory and what memories, dreams and aspirations it holds."

Marwa Adel graduated from the Advertising Department of the Faculty of Applied Art at Helwan University in 2005 and holds a Master degree in Advertising "Visual Identity-2010". She is currently an assistant lecturer at the same department and faculty as well as a member of the Syndicate of Plastic Arts and the Syndicate of Applied Arts Designers. She was invited to participate, for two years running in 2007 and 2008, in the AAW Youth Salon at the Alexandria Atelier and the Youth Salon in Cairo. In those same two years, she was invited to participate in the annual exhibitions of the Lovers' Society of Fine Arts, winning the Photography Award on both occasions. In 2008 she also participated in the 1st International Media Art Forum for Youth (IMAFY) exhibition and won the First Prize at the Oriental Weavers Design Contest; in 2007 her work was shown in an exhibition at the German Cultural Centre.

Adel was born in 1984, in Cairo, Egypt. She currently lives and works in Cairo.

Art Sawa realizes its mission through hosting a series of innovative exhibitions, educational programs and publications reflecting current issues and practices. Offering 12,000 sq ft of state-of-the-art space, Art Sawa fosters interaction between art and the public across a wide range of media. Art Sawa is dedicated to promoting world-class contemporary art to a global and regional audience.

In 2008, the Art Sawa project began to find its roots in Dubai's multi-cultural dynamism. Amidst the skyline of this incredible city it was still difficult to find Art, and yet she felt that there was a longing for art and culture that remained unmet. Filled with a passion for art and the promotion of talent, and despite difficult odds Amel B. Makkawi, director, set out to create an Art platform that would provide artists from the region with a space where they could present their work, a space of sufficient size and quality to create its own dynamic.

Art Sawa feels privileged to have the opportunity to show the photographic work created by a young female Middle Eastern artist who expresses herself with such powerful and interesting visuals. 

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