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Better Life: Make the most of your wardrobe - Tips for keeping your summer whites, white

Better Life: Make the most of your wardrobe - Tips for keeping your summer whites, white
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Published August 3rd, 2010 - 09:11 GMT

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 MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR WARDROBE Tips for keeping your summer whites, white Dubai, UAE, 2 August, 2010: The downturn in the economy has forced people to look at how they spend their money, and doing laundry at home rather than relying on the dry cleaners to do the weekly wash, is becoming increasingly common. Although it may sound obvious, Better Life, the leading specialist home appliance company wants to remind everyone of the basics of how to keep your whites crisp and pristine so your clothes don’t pay the price of a half-hearted job: Wash whites separately It really does make a difference! Don’t cut corners and throw your whites in with the rest of the laundry. Colours fade in the wash water and white clothes attract colour and dirt in the water like a magnet, turning them dingy and grey Love the light Storing whites in the dark can cause yellowing. A good rule of thumb is natural fibers love the sun and hanging them outside to dry will help keep them pristine for longer Bypass the bleach Some people try to brighten their whites by reaching for the bleach but it is a disaster for your clothes! Not only will the bleach give a yellow tinge but it will weaken the fibers in the fabric. Choose a specially designed detergent instead Ditch the dodgy washer If you have a washing machine that is 10-years-old and seems to be working fine, this is not something to be proud of! There are models on the market that are ‘intelligent’, controlling the main wash water intake, wash temperature and rinse performance, giving better results from your wash. Old washing machines also use high levels of energy – sometimes double that of a modern appliance – so you are damaging the environment as well as your clothes. Anamika Priyadarshi, Business Manager for Better Life Appliances and Accessories, which is part of the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group, says, “People living in the UAE spend a lot of money on clothes and a few simple steps can prevent having to replace your favourite items season after season. “Better Life stocks a great range of washing machines and for a big family, it is a good idea to have a large capacity washing machine, say 8kgs to 10.5kgs to allow for lots of clothes to be washed in one go. With the summer upon us, don’t let your whites fade into the background, instead dig them out of your wardrobe and try these easy steps to make them look their best.” Better Life is currently stocking the Electrolux EWF 14115 washing machine, which features fuzzy-logic intelligence that controls the main wash water intake, wash temperature and rinse performance, so achieving better washing results from your white wash is easier. If being green is top of your requirements, the Siemens WM 14S794 ME model will tick all your boxes. With an AAA+ rating, this machine is exceptionally energy efficient and also boasts anti stain removal so is great for a family with messy children! Better Life offers a wide range of washing machines with features on offer such as extra large 10.5kg drum capacity, varied wash cycles, eco-friendly models and stainless steel, white or built-in finishes. Better Life is a specialist home appliance company representing world leading brands such as Siemens, Electrolux, Zanussi, Terim, Fisher & Paykel, Wolf Power, Ufesa, Vestfrost and Forbes. All Better Life stores throughout the UAE deliver a consistent ambience, which was created after identifying consumer preference patterns for a favourable selling environment. Better Life’s seven stores across the UAE are located as follows – Mall of the Emirates; Al Ittihad Road; Mirdiff City Centre and The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai; Al Wahda Mall and Al Raha Mall, Abu Dhabi and Al Hamra Mall, Ras Al Khaimah. .

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